The Quarryville Fire Co. is located in Quarryville, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The department is all volunteer. Quarryville Borough is a small rural town about 2 square miles with a population of about 2,500 residents. Our call numbers are 5-7, dispatch frequency is 33.90 MHz, and working frequency is 33.72 MHz. Membership consists of approximately 60 active members, 8 Probationary members,11 junior members and 30 lifetime members.

Besides the Borough the Fire Department proudly provides fire protection and service to Eden, Colerain, East Drumore, Providence, Little Britain, and Strasburg Townships, Some entirely others partially. Including the Borough total coverage area is approximately 98 square Miles, which is the largest coverage area in Lancaster County by a single company. The area consists mostly of rural farmland, as well as residential and light industrial territory. The fire department provides fire protection to 3 schools, 2 retirement facilities, as well as several note worthy businesses and homes that are constantly growing and expanding. Funding comes entirely from fund drives, Borough and Township donations and fund-raisers.

The Quarryville Fire Company has a long, rich history and tradition dating back to 1903 when the department was chartered, and takes the up most pride in the departments members, their training and qualifications, as well as the apparatus we house. The department currently has 2-Engines, 1-Truck, 1-Tanker, 1-Heavy Rescue, 1-Brush Truck, 1-Squad, and 1-Chiefs Vehicle. These units are all in service and are equipped for front line Fire/Rescue/Water Supply Service.

Saturday, August 23, 2014 
The QFD End of Summer Picnic was held on Saturday afternoon and evening. This was the first time we have had this event, and with such a good turnout and a great time had by all, we think this will be another annual QFD tradition.

Several members began preparation for the picnic on Friday night, putting a 200 pound pig on to roast for about 18 hours. They tended the fire throughout the night and during the early morning hours on Saturday. These guys did a tremendous job, as the pork was done to perfection.

There was plenty of food and drink to go around, and some guys took meals to members families who could not be in attendance due to health issues. We spent most of the evening socializing and just "hanging out" until the Company was dispatched to a brush fire at about 8:30 pm, which pretty much concluded the festivities.

Thanks to all of the members who organized and made this picnic a great time, with special thanks to Jake Bachman, Kevin Kreider, TIm Cox, Grant Jackson and the rest of the "cooking crew". Thanks also to all of our family members who made and brought food and drink. Our families support us more than you can ever know.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 
On Tuesday evening, QFD members traveled to the Lancaster County Firemen's Association training facility on Pequea Lane to work on basic truck company skills. The group was spilt into three teams that rotated through three different stations. One station was on saw and equipment maintenance, one station dealt with ground ladders and the third was roof operations using the roof simulator on top of the burn building. Crews worked for 2 1/2 hours moving through the different stations and refreshing their skills. Thanks to all the members who turned out, making this another great round of training.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 
At 9:02 am, QFD was alerted to assist the Rawlinsville Fire Company (58) with a barn fire at 214 Nissley Road in Martic Township. Truck 57, Tanker 57 and Engine 574 made the response as Deputy 58 arrived reporting a 100' X 50' barn/shop well involved. Tanker 58 arrived first with their crew stretching a 2 1/2" line and darkening most of the fire down quickly. Truck 57 arrived next and set up on side "B", putting the aerial in the air. Tanker 57 set up the nurse tanker operation supplying both Tanker 58 and Engine 574, which had a line to the Truck and one handline off. Truck 57 was eventually used to hydraulically overhaul the structure and hit any hot spots that remained. Crews made quick work of the fire, which burned out over half of the shop. Deputy 58 released all QFD units at 10:30. Thanks to Bart Township and Christiana for standing by for us while we were out. All photos by Tom Amico and Sean Brookmyer.

FF Jeff Johnson at training on Tuesday.  He is in the black shirt on the right of the photo
   FF Jeff Johnson at training on Tuesday.
      He is in the black shirt on the right of
      the photo
Saturday, August 16, 2014 
On Friday 8/15/14, QFD FF/EMT Jeff Johnson was involved in a motorcycle accident on his way to work. He sustained two broken legs, broken pelvis, and a broken arm. Station 21 (Oxford) handled the call and they said he was talking to them when they arrived and was very alert for the extent of his injuries. At this time there is no sign of head or spine trauma. He is currently in Christiana Hospital undergoing multiple surgeries for his injuries. He was talking to his family prior to his first surgery on Friday. He has surgeries scheduled for Saturday as well.

Chaplain 57 went to the hospital to talk with his family Friday night and everyone is hanging in. As of now he is expected to be in the hospital for approximately three weeks and then will be moved to a rehab hospital for approximately six weeks. 

Jeff has been a very active, dedicated member of our company for several years, and has been a great asset and friend to us all.

As an update, several members visited with Jeff on Sunday, finding him in very good spirits.  His breathing tube had been removed, and his pain medication has been reduced to allow him to be more alert. 

Visitation has been restricted due to Jeff being very tired and needing to rest.  When the doctors allow visitation again, Fire Chief Neff will let everyone know.

Please keep Jeff and his family in your thoughts and prayers.  Updates will be posted as we receive them.

Saturday, August 16, 2014 
At 4:58 am, QFD was alerted to assist the Bart Township FC (51) on a house fire at 18 Shady Road in Bart Township. The initial 911 call reported a fire in the wall around the chimney. Chief 51 arrived and reported smoke showing from the wall. Engine 511 arrived and stretched a line to knock down the fire in the wall. Truck 57 backed in the driveway and the crew assisted with opening up and overhaul. Other QFD units staged their manpower before being released. All QFD units cleared by 6:30 am.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014 
The summer QFD training continued tonight with an update and extension on the PL Vulcan "Man vs. Machine" class that we held earlier this year.  We were to do a farm rescue drill, but again this Tuesday night, it rained (we have had many rainy night training classes this year).

The crew split into four groups for the stations we had set up; ring removal, porta-band and grinder use, torch use and using a hasty harness and a backboard immobilization technique.  Each member was able to get through every station and use all of the equipment and practice the different scenarios.  To wrap up the night, the firefighters put their knowledge together to extricate an "arm" from a piece of plate steel.

Thanks to all of the members who attend training on a weekly basis, and to all of the members who stepped up and taught one of the stations tonight.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014 
At 3:28 am, QFD was alerted for a fire alarm at the St. Catherine's Church, 955 Robert Fulton Highway in East Drumore Township. One minute later, the company was alerted for an unknown type fire in the 600 block of Solanco Road (about 1/2 mile from the fire alarm). Callers reported something on fire and possibly a wire down. QFD units arrived on Solanco Road with a wire down and two vehicles ablaze. The crews from Engine 572 and 574 protected the residence with a handline and had to wait for PPL to disconnect power to be able to extinguish the vehicles. In all, 350 feet of line was stretched and 500 gallons of water used to finish up extinguishment.

Vehicle accident Scotland Rd. and Center Rd.
   Vehicle accident Scotland Rd. and Center
Saturday, August 9, 2014 
This past weekend, QFD members responded to 7 calls from Friday morning until Monday morning. Most were minor in nature, but the company did respond on several vehicle accidents in the Solanco area.

On Friday, QFD responded to a vehicle accident at Scotland Rd. and Center Rd. in East Drumore Township at 1:48 am. At 8:29 am, Engine 574 handled a fire alarm at Musser's Market, 35 Friendly Drive, also in East Drumore Township. At 2:46 pm, Rescue 57 responded on a vehicle accident with reported entrapment assisting the Rawlinsville FC and was recalled due to there being no entrapment. Again responding into East Drumore Township, units handled a vehicle accident with a horse and buggy in front of 461 Buck Road.

On Saturday at 00:39 am, crews turned out to assist the Quarryville Borough Police Department on a police matter, then again units were on the street for wires pulled down by a truck in the 500 block of West Fourth St. in Providence Township at 6:14 pm.

The weekend wrapped up on Monday morning at 5:45 am with a run for an inside investigation with a wire down in the 1100 block of Stoney Hill Road in East Drumore Township. Thanks to all of the members that responded and made quick work of all these incidents.

Thursday, July 24, 2014 
At 4:41 pm, QFD Volunteers and LEMSA EMS were dispatched to the intersection of Conowingo Road and Center Road in East Drumore Township for a vehicle accident with entrapment. Units arrived to find a two-car crash with several injured and ...the driver of a Ford Fusion Hybrid confined after a driver side impact. Crews stabilized the vehicle and removed both driver side doors and the "B" post freeing the driver. The company was in service for over one hour.

Thanks to Tom Amico for the pictures. 

Friday, July 18, 2014 
At 5:03 pm, QFD units were dispatched to 131 Cardinal Drive in East Drumore Township for a vehicle fire.  As units responded, LCWC advised the report of a pickup truck in the driveway on fire.  A few minutes later, LCWC advised the truck was "moved" into a wooded area.

Deputy 57 (Tim Cox) arrived with a "something fully involved" in the woods and down an embankment.  What actually occured is the pickup truck was in the driveway, caught fire while still in gear, and along with an attached trailer, ran down a 30' bank into a thick patch of woods.

Rescue 57 arrived and placed the bumper line in service with linemen JC Woerth and Keith Wilkin making the attack while other crew members opened up the vehicle and performed overhaul.

The fire was extinguished and a tow company (Doulin's) was called.  Members assisted the tow operator in clearing trees and brush to be able to bring the truck and trailer back up to the driveway.  While working the fire, an Engine was dispatched to assist Robert Fulton FC on a house fire which was a controlled burn and was recalled.

Thanks to Tom Amico for the great pictures.

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