The Quarryville Fire Co. is located in Quarryville, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The department is all volunteer. Quarryville Borough is a small rural town about 2 square miles with a population of about 2,500 residents. Our call numbers are 5-7, dispatch frequency is 33.90 MHz, and working frequency is 33.72 MHz. Membership consists of approximately 60 active members, 8 Probationary members,11 junior members and 30 lifetime members.

Besides the Borough the Fire Department proudly provides fire protection and service to Eden, Colerain, East Drumore, Providence, Little Britain, and Strasburg Townships, Some entirely others partially. Including the Borough total coverage area is approximately 98 square Miles, which is the largest coverage area in Lancaster County by a single company. The area consists mostly of rural farmland, as well as residential and light industrial territory. The fire department provides fire protection to 3 schools, 2 retirement facilities, as well as several note worthy businesses and homes that are constantly growing and expanding. Funding comes entirely from fund drives, Borough and Township donations and fund-raisers.

The Quarryville Fire Company has a long, rich history and tradition dating back to 1903 when the department was chartered, and takes the up most pride in the departments members, their training and qualifications, as well as the apparatus we house. The department currently has 2-Engines, 1-Truck, 1-Tanker, 1-Heavy Rescue, 1-Brush Truck, 1-Squad, and 1-Chiefs Vehicle. These units are all in service and are equipped for front line Fire/Rescue/Water Supply Service.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015 
Tuesday evening at the Fire Company meeting, QFD was presented a $2,500.00 check from the Monsanto Fund. Local farmer Samuel Delong was selected as the winner in Lancaster County for America’s Farmers Grow Communities, sponsored by Monsanto. Under this program, eligible farmers in 1,324 counties across 40 states can enter to win a $2,500.00 donation to a local nonprofit of their choice. Grow Communities recognizes the important contributions farmers make to rural America, and partners with farmers to help them grow their communities by supporting local organizations that are important to them. More than 89,0000 farmers participated in Grow Communities this year. We are very appreciative of Sam Delong and the Monsanto Fund for providing us this $2,500.00 donation. The money received will go towards the purchase of new led Vulcan personal flashlights for our firefighters. These lights are mounted in the apparatus and are carried by the firefighters on every run. They will replace our current lights that are over 12 years old and have seen a lot of fires. Donations and support like this from our community are what keeps the Fire Company able to provide top notch, professional volunteer fire and rescue services.

Saturday, February 28, 2015 
In the Quarryville area, February 2nd means Groundhog's Day and the last weekend of February means it is time for the annual QFD Oil Change Day. Coordinated by Chief Engineer Wayne Brion, well over 20 members helped to make this day a success. Here is what we do:

Change oil in all apparatus, change fuel filters, oil filters, air filters, grease all chassis fittings, check coolant, check tire air pressures and tire wear, fix any leaks, lube all pump connections, clean battery terminals and check or change rear end fluid. We also service all generators, changing oil and filters, and Engine 575's pump. This year the crew also took care of some pump maintenance on Engine 572.

Today, we completed all service in 8 hours after beginning at 7 am and taking a break for the group to eat breakfast and lunch. Breakfast was prepared by the Herr family, and lunch of "soup and sloppy joes" was made by Jim Hassinger and Mike Ross.

Thanks to everyone that helped in every way today. On average, we save the company and community about $4,000.00 by doing this ourselves. We have several local businesses that donate filters and other things we need to make this day happen.

Put it on your schedules now, February 27, 2016.

Saturday, February 21, 2015 
During the month of February, 23 QFD members took the Basic Vehicle Rescue Awareness class. This is the basic class needed to continue through to the operations and technician level. Most of the members in attendance had the class, but there were about 7 that did not, so the class was a good refresher for some, and a great lead-in to vehicle rescue for the others.

On Saturday, the crew completed the practical session of the class which covered vehicle stabilization. We used all of Rescue 57's equipment including the struts, cribbing, wedges, step chocks, high lift jacks etc. Thanks to all of the QFD members that took the class, and to lead instructor Rich Ressel and Doug Kemmerly for instructing a very good class, and leading us into some great discussions about stabilization. 

Thanksfully, we were able to do all of the skill stations in the firehouse to avoid the 10 degree weather (and eventually snow).  We even had access to a fork lift owned by one of our members to move the vehicle around.

Saturday, February 14, 2015 
On Saturday evening while it was snowing, blowing and creating near white-out conditions, Rescue 57 was dispatched to assist the Rawlinsville Fire Company (58) on a vehicle accident with entrapment at Rt. 272 and Osceola Road in Drumore Township. Units arrived to find a two vehicle accident with one person trapped and up to six people either injured or needing checked.

Rescue 57 arrived and the crew stabilized the vehicle and stretched a protection line. The crew then put 4 tools in service, removing the passengers side doors and then lifting the dash using a modified dash lift. The patient was freed in about 24 minutes. 

58 and 57 crews worked in sub-freezing conditions with high winds and blowing snow. Good job to all involved. 

Photos by Tom Amico and QFD FF Derrell Beiler.

Sunday, February 8, 2015 
At 00:22 Sunday morning, QFD was alerted for an Engine, Truck and Tanker to assist the Robert Fulton Fire Company on a house fire at 259 Little Britain Road South in Little Britain Township. Initial reports were that the house was full of smoke. 89 units arrived with a smoke condition and high heat in the residence. After investigation, crews found most of the living area burned out, but the fire self extinguished. Truck 57 arrived and assisted with operations. The remainder of the first alarm assignment was cancelled. Truck 57 remained on the scene until 3:20 am.

Saturday, February 7, 2015 
Just after 9:15 am, Engine 574 was alerted as part of the 2nd alarm assignment on this house fire on Colora Road in the first due area of the Community Fire Company, Rising Sun MD. The Engine arrived and sent the manpower to staging on side A-B. Moments after arriving in staging, a MAYDAY was called for an operating firefighter that fell through a floor. The crew went in with the RIT crew from Union Fire Company 21. Luckily, the FF was removed by other members of his crew with what appeared to be minor injuries.

Engine 574's crew was then sent to the basement to extinguish some remaining fire and perform overhaul. The members then assisted one of the residents by removing a large amount of personal items and momentos from their living area, saving a lot of items that they needed, and that are irreplaceable.

The crew was released and was back in Quarryville by 12:15 pm.  Image is from Water With Fire Company, POrt Deposit MD Facebook. We will post more pictures when they are available.

Saturday, January 31, 2015 
At 04:50 am, QFD, Bart Township FC, Union FC and LEMSA EMS were dispatched to 388 Bartville Road in Colerain Township for an "outbuilding" fire. On response of Chief 572 (Jeremy Welk), LCWC reported that they received a call of a tobacco shed on fire and the owners using "fire extinguishers and milk" to control the fire.

Units arrived to find a large tobacco shed with a moderate smoke condition. Engine 574's crew stretched a line to the inside, finding fire in the "stripping room" around the wood stove, extending up into the main floor. Luckily, the fire extinguishers and milk held the fire in check, and only a small amount of water was needed to extinguish the fire.

The incident was placed under control at 5:15 am, and units were back in quarters by 6:00 am.

If you follow our company at all, you will already know that we normally have a serious fire when we A) have all equipment washed or B) have a company event (training, wedding, funeral etc) planned. Today was no different. As we were rolling down Rt. 472 at 10 degrees with a 0 degree wind chill, we couldn't help but think that Pop Tucker was laughing at us, knowing that no matter what, the "job" comes first.

We were able to get back, cleaned up and ready to send Pop off in true QFD fashion. More on that will be posted later.

Saturday, January 31, 2015 
Today, family and friends provided a fine farewell to a man who deserves a thousand fine farewells.  Willam "Pop" Tucker was laid to rest at the Middle Octorara Presbyterian Church Cemetary after a ride aboard his favorite rig, Engine 572 (a CF Mack, of course). 

There is so much that can be said about Pop.  Some of it has been said several times at the firehouse, at the funeral, here on social media.  There is much more that we who knew Pop have in our minds and memories.  Stories and memories that we will carry with us the rest of our lives.  Stories that we will pass on for generations to come. 

Right now, we just want to say Thank You. 

Thank You to the Tucker Family who supported Pop in his seemingly never ending hours at the firehouse.  Without their love and support of what he did, it would not have been possible.  You know when you called the Tucker house and needed something, you could count on Pop and Mom Tucker to help out.

Thank You to all of the family and friends who have supported the Tuckers during Pop's illness and after his passing. 

Thank You to  all of the neighboring (and distant / Sugar Valley) Fire Companies that came to our aid and helped make the day a good one.

Thanks to all of the Quarryville Fire Company Members who once again, went above and beyond in making a tribute to a man that touched all of our lives. 

But, most of all, we want to thank Pop for his never ending pride, dedication and enthusiasm for our Company, our members, our apparatus, our station and everything else QFD.  He was a true ambassador for the QFD and the Fire Service as a whole.  There will never be another Pop.

Tom Amico Photo
   Tom Amico Photo
Tom Amico Photo
   Tom Amico Photo
Wednesday, January 28, 2015 
It is with deep regret and sadness that the members of the Quarryville Fire Company Number One announce the passing of Active Firefighter / Life member William H. “Pop” Tucker. Pop passed away today, Wednesday January 28 after battling leukemia. Pop was 74 years of age. Pop leaves behind his wife, Jo and son Scott, who was also an active QFD firefighter in the past.

Everyone who knew Pop, knew that he was one of the most active, dedicated firefighters in the QFD. His pride of the company, its members and apparatus was always apparent, whether you ran here for many years, or were a visitor to the station.

Pop joined the Company in 1979 and ever since that time was one of the most active members, especially after his retirement. Pop made every call he could, and was always hustling. Whether it was a house fire at 9 in the morning, or a wires call at 3 am, he was always one of the first to the station and always wanted to go. In fact, he even got a little offended if he had to “ride the red bench”.

Over the years, Pop held many offices in the Company, ranging from treasurer, trustee, Chief Engineer, board of director and board of director chairman. His real love was the apparatus, especially anything that said Mack. Pop kept the rigs in top shape, and in recent years, could be found every morning tinkering and working on any one of the various pieces. He was Wayne’s “go to” man for everything fire apparatus related. Many of us never even knew how much Pop took care of day in and day out. We will find his hand written notes on everything for years to come. He kept track of everything!

Over the years, Pop had a real way of keeping us “grounded”. Whether it was on spending money, or if your head got a little too big, he had a way of knocking you back to reality without even trying. Many of us owe what we are today from the teachings and training (both fire service and life) that we got from Pop.

Some of the things Pop really loved at the firehouse were driving the Truck, pumping of the engines, telling stories of fires past, making fun of Chris Chester as a “Jar Head Marine”, helping do whatever was needed, “Arba Night”, but most of all, being here at 9 am every morning and spending time with his best pals, Carl and Ron. If you wanted to learn anything, or have any problem solved, you could be here any morning and have it taken care of by “the Three Amigos”. There are so many stories that we could all tell we would need a whole book just for them. Pop took a lot of us to our first fires, first wrecks, and drove us all over the place for thousands of runs.

The Service for Pop will be on Saturday, January 31. Visitation with the family will be from 9:00 am until 10:30 am. The services will be from 10:30 am to 11:15 am. The graveside service will be at 11:45 am at the Middle Octorara Church on Valley Road. All services will be held at the Quarryville Fire Station, 217 East State Street, Quarryville. If you have any questions, call the firehouse at 717-786-2898.

Please keep the Tucker family in your thoughts and prayers.

Farewell Pop, we will take it from here !!!

Here is a link to his obituary from Dewald's Duneral Home.

Saturday, January 24, 2015 
Over the course of the last week or so, QFD Volunteers have responded to several vehicle accidents due to icy road conditions. Most of the accidents have been on Routes 472 and 372, and have luckily not been serious or resulted in serious injuries.

Buck Rd 1-18-15
   Buck Rd 1-18-15
Kirkwood Pike 1-18-15
   Kirkwood Pike 1-18-15
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