The Quarryville Fire Co. is located in Quarryville, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The department is all volunteer. Quarryville Borough is a small rural town about 2 square miles with a population of about 2,500 residents. Our call numbers are 5-7, dispatch frequency is 33.90 MHz, and working frequency is 33.72 MHz. Membership consists of approximately 60 active members, 8 Probationary members,11 junior members and 30 lifetime members.

Besides the Borough the Fire Department proudly provides fire protection and service to Eden, Colerain, East Drumore, Providence, Little Britain, and Strasburg Townships, Some entirely others partially. Including the Borough total coverage area is approximately 98 square Miles, which is the largest coverage area in Lancaster County by a single company. The area consists mostly of rural farmland, as well as residential and light industrial territory. The fire department provides fire protection to 3 schools, 2 retirement facilities, as well as several note worthy businesses and homes that are constantly growing and expanding. Funding comes entirely from fund drives, Borough and Township donations and fund-raisers.

The Quarryville Fire Company has a long, rich history and tradition dating back to 1903 when the department was chartered, and takes the up most pride in the departments members, their training and qualifications, as well as the apparatus we house. The department currently has 2-Engines, 1-Truck, 1-Tanker, 1-Heavy Rescue, 1-Brush Truck, 1-Squad, and 1-Chiefs Vehicle. These units are all in service and are equipped for front line Fire/Rescue/Water Supply Service.

Thursday, June 30, 2016 
On Saturday, July 23rd, the Quarryville Fire Company Special Division is hosting their 2016 Vendor Show. The show will run from 9am to 3pm, and will be held at the Hoffman Community Building at the Solanco Fair Grounds (off of Park Avenue or South Lime Street). This is due to the construcution of our new addition at our station.

As you can see on the flyer, there will be over 30 vendors, a 50/50 raffle, a Chinese Auction, the chance to explore a fire truck and plenty of food.

Come out and have fun shopping and supporting the Quarryville Fire Company / Special Division and all of the independent distributors. If you have any questions, let us know.

Sunday, June 26, 2016 
At 1:32 pm, Truck and Tanker 57 were dispatched to assist Robert Fulton FC on a mulch pile fire at 675 Nottingham Road in Fulton Township. 89 units were on scene with a large pile of mulch at a sawmill on fire. Tanker 57 arrived and picked up the supply line that Engine 89-3 laid and began supplying the scene until the arrival of Union FC Tanker 21. Truck 57 set up and used the master stream to attack the major portion of fire in the pile. Engine 574 was also dispatched to assist, and worked the scene for a short time until being relocated to Station 89. Tanker 57, along with Tanker 51, Tanker 58 and Tanker 59 hauled several loads of water to the scene. The fire was extinguished, and all QFD units were back in station by 3:30 pm. Thanks to Tom Amico for the pictures.

Thursday, June 16, 2016 
As you probably already know, QFD is undertaking one of the largest projects of the Company since 1932. We are expanding and building an addition onto our current fire station (more on that in a later post). Not only the largest project, but also the most costliest, with a price tag estimated at about $875,000.00. As we move into the construction phase in July, we are ramping up our fund raising efforts to go towards the building project. We are seeking donations, grants, construction fee and product contributions etc. At a special meeting in May, we received one of the first donations toward our building fund. Through the cooperative effort of local dairyman Ellis Kreider and Land O'Lakes Inc., we were able to secure a grant for $5,000.00 to be used for the building costs. This gives us a good head start on our funding project. Thank You to the Kreider Family and to Land O' Lakes, Inc. for this donation to the Quarryville Fire Company. This is just another example of the GREAT support we receive from our community.

Thursday, June 9, 2016 
Congratulations to QFD Firefighters Brianna DiFilippo and Zeb Eshelman on graduation with the Solanco Class of 2016!!!!!!

On Thursday evening, a crew of QFD members took Rescue 57 to the graduation ceremonies at the Solanco High School.  It was a great night, with great weather, for an outdoor graduation.

We wish Brianna and Zeb and all of the Class of 2016 good luck as the go off and make they own way in the "real world".

Just like Principal Gallagher said during his commencement address, you never know where you might end up, or what doors will be opened for you.  A door opened for Principal Gallagher while in Shiipensburg College that allowed him to become a Volunteer Firefighter and EMT.  You can also help your community.  Our doors at QFD are always open, and we are always looking for hardworking, dedicated people to serve as volunteer firefighters to help and protect our Solanco Community.  It is something that you will not regret.

Thursday, June 2, 2016 
In late 2015, QFD formed a Pre-Plan Committee to gather information about buildings and properties in our first-due area. This information helps us to "pre-plan" incidents at any one of these properties, whether it is a business, school, church, campground etc. We have well over 200 of these locations in our area, so this is a large undertaking. The committee is chaired by Lt. Rick Hall, with Firefighters JC Woerth, Colin Shaw, Andrew Lavin, David Eshleman, Fire Chief Joel Neff and Life Member Bill Mankin Sr. assisting. As this information is gathered, we needed a better way of organizing and storing the data. The Company decided to use Ipads to organize everything in one place. When we visited the Quarryville Presbyterian Retirement Community earlier in the year, we mentioned this to them. QPRC stepped up and donated not only the Ipads, but the mounting equipment and other accessories that we need to mount then in the apparatus. This is a large donation, and without their help, it would not be possible. 

We are placing an Ipad in all of our front line units, including Engine 572, 574, Rescue 57, Truck 57, Tanker 57 and Command 57. This will allow us to access all of our resources and data immediately from most all of our apparatus. On these Ipads, we will keep our pre-plan info, water supply locations, hazardous material sites and other necessary information. They will also be GPS equipped, and will allow us to have step by step directions and maps to locations of incidents. 

We have been an early tech adapter and we're pleased to be able to do this, said Robert B. Hayward, Jr., President and CEO of QPRC. We're grateful we can provide technology to be proactive and that will extend their capability when seconds count,Hayward said. The retirement community will also take care of updating them as needed. Thank You to QPRC and their management for helping us with this needed project. This will undoubtedly save time, lives and property. This is another shining example of local businesses supporting the Fire Company. Quarryville Presbyterian Retirement Community 

Monday, May 30, 2016 
Quarryville Fire Company Number One wishes everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day holiday.

Please take some time to remembers those that served and gave their life for our Country.  You can attend the Memorial Day Service at the entrance to the Quarryville Legion Park at 10:00 am Monday.  They will have a special speaker, music and a time to remember and reflect.  This is always a very good service and a great way to remember and honor those fallen.

Also, take a walk around town and look at all of the Military Banners that are hanging around town.  There are community members honored for every conflict since the Civil War.

Monday, May 30, 2016 
Over the weekend, QFD members Ron "Diz" Swayne and Chief Engineer Wayne Brion were admitted to Lancaster General Hospital.  Diz for leg/foot problems and Wayne for an infection.  Both are doing well and should be home within the next several days.  Please keep them both in your thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, May 28, 2016 
At 5:35 pm, QFD was dispatched to 128 Black Bear Road in East Drumore Township for a vehicle fire.  LCWC reported a pickup truck with an attached trailer full of straw on fire.  Units arrived to find a fully involved pickup, trailer loaded with straw, a nearby straw pile and an area of field involved. 

Rescue 57 arrived and stretched 2 lines to attack the vehicle, trailer and straw pile.  Tanker 57 supplied the Rescue, and Engine 574 laid 1300' of supply line in the driveway.  Engine 575 arrived and handled the field fire.  Assist units from Robert Fulton, Rawlinsville and Union FC's assisted with water supply and manpower, while Bart Township FC Engine 511 stood by on our quarters.

The Volunteers were in service for appx. 3 hours.

Friday, May 27, 2016 
The QFD Special Division has partnered with Kreider's Market on a new fund raiser. Purchase a ticket for $7.00 and you can use it to purchase 1 large $7.19 sub, or use it towards any steak or sub over $7.19 (you pay the difference). Each ticket is good for one purchase only. The tickets expire December 31, 2016, and are not valid with any other specials. For every ticket sold, Kreider's will donate a portion back to the Fire Company. See a QFD Special Division Member or Firefighter for tickets. Kreider's Market is located at 2396 Kirkwood Pike (Rt. 472) just North of the Octoraro Resevoir. Kreider's makes some of the best subs, and especially breakfast sandwiches around. Stop by and get some food while on your way to the shore or other Southern locations. Support our local businesses! Kreider's Market

Thursday, May 26, 2016 
Today was "Burn Day" for the cadets enrolled in the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center Public Safety class. This course allows senior high school students to take fire and ems classes instead of the standard school curriculum. This year, QFD FF Brianna Difilippo has completed the course, giving her a lot of fire and rescue classes and certifications, including essentials and FF1, rope rescue, vehicle rescue, haz mat and many others. Engine 572 went to assist with the burn day as the RIT engine. The crews rotated through several fire ground functions in attacking fires in the burn building. The students did a great job on this very warm day. Congratulations to Brianna and all of the cadets on their accomplishments. QFD has had over 10 people go through this course over the years.

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