The Quarryville Fire Co. is located in Quarryville, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The department is all volunteer. Quarryville Borough is a small rural town about 2 square miles with a population of about 2,500 residents. Our call numbers are 5-7, dispatch frequency is 33.90 MHz, and working frequency is 33.72 MHz. Membership consists of approximately 60 active members, 8 Probationary members,11 junior members and 30 lifetime members.

Besides the Borough the Fire Department proudly provides fire protection and service to Eden, Colerain, East Drumore, Providence, Little Britain, and Strasburg Townships, Some entirely others partially. Including the Borough total coverage area is approximately 98 square Miles, which is the largest coverage area in Lancaster County by a single company. The area consists mostly of rural farmland, as well as residential and light industrial territory. The fire department provides fire protection to 3 schools, 2 retirement facilities, as well as several note worthy businesses and homes that are constantly growing and expanding. Funding comes entirely from fund drives, Borough and Township donations and fund-raisers.

The Quarryville Fire Company has a long, rich history and tradition dating back to 1903 when the department was chartered, and takes the up most pride in the departments members, their training and qualifications, as well as the apparatus we house. The department currently has 2-Engines, 1-Truck, 1-Tanker, 1-Heavy Rescue, 1-Brush Truck, 1-Squad, and 1-Chiefs Vehicle. These units are all in service and are equipped for front line Fire/Rescue/Water Supply Service.

Thursday, January 19, 2017 
A quick building update, but possibly our most important one yet. The floor is finished and is curing. It was poured and finished Wednesday into Thursday. 8 cement trucks and 80 yards of concrete did the job. Now it is just letting it cure so that by this time next week, the contractors can get to work on all of the interior items. Also, the spray foam was being completed and the upstairs window was installed.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 
This week has seen a lot more progress on the expansion. The floors are being poured in the offices and on the mezzanine deck, the exterior walls are being sprayed with insulating spray foam, the roof is being finished up, the electrical work continues, and the rebar is laid for the main floor to be poured on Wednesday. Things are moving along quickly now, and it is exciting to see the progress.

Monday, January 16, 2017 
At 2:20 pm, QFD Volunteers were alerted for a chimney fire at 100 Wesley Rd. in Colerain Township. Units arrived to find a driveway that was blocked by low hanging trees, delaying apparatus access. The crews had to walk and carry all equipment back the driveway to the residence. Once there, the fire in the chimney was out, but a small fire was located in the 2nd floor ceiling, which was taken care of immediately. Crews had to cut a way in for Engine 574. The stoves were cleaned out and the chimneys drug (there were 2 separate chimneys). Units remained on the scene for about 1 hour.

Thanks to Tom Amico for the photos.

Friday, January 13, 2017 
Our first Spring Gun Raffle is now in progress !! After the success of our last several gun raffles, and from the input from our community, we have decided to have a Spring Gun Raffle that will coincide with our Spring Ham Shoot. This ticket will not be as large as our fall ticket, but has some excellent prizes (valued at $2500.00). The spring ticket includes a Mossberg 535 12 gauge Turkey Gun with a Red Dot sight, a Glock 43 9mm handgun, a Smith and Wesson M&P AR15 5.56, a Savage 93R .17 HMR with a 3X9 Bushnell scope, and, new to our ticket, a chartered fishing trip out of Rock Hall MD. And, like always, the tickets are only $5.00 each. We will be selling tickets from now until Saturday March 11th, which is the night of our annual Spring Ham Shoot. We will pull all of the winning tickets at the shoot, where we will be giving away several more guns (more info on that later). See a Quarryville Fire Company member to get your tickets. Help us to make this another great fund raiser to help us offset some of our new building expenses.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 
Some mid-week building updates. Construction is going full-bore with the nice, warmer weather. The roofers are putting the new roof on the 1974 side, and onto the new addition. The steel has been put in place for the mezzanine deck concrete and the guard rails. The metal has been installed onto some of the outside walls in preparation for the spray on insulation and steel outer wrapping. Electrician Arlen Lefevre has installed some temporary electrical service, including lights. The plumbers are installing the floor drains with the help from Bob Work Excavating. We hope to get the floor poured in the next week or so. The next few weeks will be very busy around the station.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 
At 2:14 pm, QFD was alerted for a vehicle accident stand by at Martin's Appliance, 2318 Beaver Valley Pike in Providence Township. The information given was a "vehicle into the building". QFD Fire Police Lt. Weaver and FP Diz Swayne arrived and reported that a vehicle did indeed hit and go into the building. The vehicle went through the front window and into the kitchen showroom, damaging over an estimated 20+ appliances. Rescue and Truck 57 arrived and the crews stabilized the vehicle and controlled any hazards in the building. Once everything was stabilized and pictures taken for insurance, the crews helped to clean up and remove glass, blocks and drywall from the showroom. The vehicle was then pulled from the building by Doulin's Garage roll back. QFD units were in service for just under 2 hours. Thanks to Tom Amico for a lot of the pictures.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017 
Here are some statistics from the Fire Chief's Year End Report for 2016.

465 Total Incidents resulting in 7,795 man hours of volunteer service. We responded to and operated on 31 working structure fires, with 9 of them being in our first due area. These structure fires, vehicle fires and other fires that we had in our area resulted in fire loss of $1,804,700.00, with property saved of $1,171,000.00, with a total of $2,975,700.00 of property being at risk.

Our apparatus made 851 individual responses. Rescue 57 responded the most with 180 runs, followed by: Squad 572 - 124, Engine 574 - 130, Engine 572 - 114, Tanker 57 - 102, Truck 57 - 94 (and utilized the aerial 18 times on fires), Engine 575 - 54 and Squad 57 - 53. Quarryville Fire Police responded to and operated on 308 incidents. The Fire Police are truly a dedicated group of individuals who not only responded to calls, but helped out on non-emergency events, mud sales, races etc.

During the year, QFD Volunteers stretched 11,050 feet of attack line on everything from building fires to car fires and brush and woods fires. 8,550 feet of supply line was laid, and 1,230 feet of ground ladders were thrown.

QFD members attended 3,112 man hours of training in 2016 which included classes from cpr/aed, haz mat, live burns, farm rescue and many others. The Volunteers also took care of many, many other events, such as fire safety, fund raising, meetings, committee meetings, maintenance etc., and put in 6,344 man hours doing so.

The Company undertook the largest building project since 1932 when we started our building addition. We hope this will be complete by spring. We also paid off Rescue 57, and were able to do a lot of other projects, such as installing I-Pads in all of the rigs, formed a pre-plan committee and began pre-incident surveys of our businesses and did all kinds of work to the 1932 and 1974 sections of the station. In 2016, the Special Division was also very active and gained many new members.

We expect 2017 to be another great year, and look forward to working with our community that supports us so well.

All of this would not be possible if not for the dedicated volunteers and their families. It takes true dedication and committment to operate a firehouse as active as ours. Thanks to ALL of the members that put forth that effort everyday! This dedication shows as we averaged 18 members per call throughout the year.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017 
The new addition is finally under roof. The roof decking is down on the truss's and the steel is being installed for the mezzanine deck above the engineering and storage rooms. Floor drains are being laid out and installed also.

Saturday, December 31, 2016 
The members of the Quarryville Fire Company wish you a Happy and Fire Safe New Year! Thank you for the support that you have given us over the last year. Check back for our "end of year" reports that will be posted this week.

Friday, December 30, 2016 
During the last several days there has been non-stop activity on the station. The alarm company has been installing the new alarm system, the roofers put on new shingles on the small roof between the 1932 and 1974 building, and the roof truss system for the new building has been installed.

Next up is the roof decking to start to get the new section closed up.

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